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Welcome to Taurus Bulls Kennel

Welcome to Taurus Bulldogges. We are working to produce some of the finest specimens of bulldogs ever seen. We have selected from the best foundation stock to get the best start for our program.We strongly believe with the line-up Taurus Bulls has we will be producing the best dogs for our family and yours!

We register all of our dogs with the O.B.B.A. and fully support this registry. As of the earlier this year we have been working with a close group of breeders/friends on producing the healthiest bulldog ever. With this in mind we have began working on "a new beginning" with our Olde Bulldogges.

We have taking our greatest Olde Bulldogges and paired them with the baddest,healthiest American bulldogs in the world. Don't believe us?? The proof is in the pudding!

We are just really getting back into the dogs after a year long departure. We have only a few dogs now but many more to come.We are working strongly with the GPZ family on continuing this great line we have going.

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Site Up Date: 1-13-09

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